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A few years back “meta-tags” were the only tool for SEO. It was only one of the few parameters search engines used to rank a page. Nowadays search engines have a myriad of parameters but still meta-tags remain important. Also a lot of search engines show metadata under the link, so when users read this and think it’s important they might click the link. Some special search engines still use meta data as the only tool to rank pages.


The description meta tag is a useful tag to point out the primary topics of your site. A search engine can determine whether this description is relevant or not. If so your site might rank higher.

It doesn’t take very much time to include a description, and it can turn out to be very useful!

Example for this website

Nowadays search engines have a myriad of parameters but still meta-tags remain important. There are different types of meta-tags: description, keyword, robots, …


The use of the keywords tag is very simple: add coma separated keywords to your site that are relevant to your pages. Most of the times it’s not necessary to include alternative spelling or common misspellings of a keyword because most search engines can determine this on their own. For example most search engines see “canine” and “dog” as the same word.

Example for this website

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This tag is used to specify which pages that should not be indexed. Sometimes it happens that you have content on your site that you want to have there but you don’t want to have search engines crawling over them. That’s when you use this tag. An alternative is creating a robots.txt file where you specify the pages that should not be indexed.


There’s a lot of people still claiming that google and other big search engines still use meta tags as their only tool to rank your page, but this is a very bad SEO tip. This of course is not true. To rank high you will have to create a web page with quality content, with some descent backlinks, and you of course want to pay a little attention to your meta tags.