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SEO Tools

When optimizing a website there are some great SEO tools to help you on your way. SEO tools not only to analyze your content, keywords used, but also the backlinks and the quality of them. Not all of the tools are accurate and the SEO tools with the same purpose may differ slightly in result as no one is really certain about the way google ranks pages.

SEO Backlink checker

The SEO tools will check your page for its backlinks, it will also show the anchor text, the amount of links on the page of the backlink and possible the pagerank of the page. These tools do not show internal backlinks.

  • Backlink watch
  • Iwebtool backlink checker
  • Smartpagerank Pagerank Backlinks

SEO Domain tools

These seo tools will check information about the domain, this could be the domain age, pages indexed of the whole domain, the ip-address of the domain, domain register and more. These tools help you to keep track of your domain and the one of your competitors.

  • Domain Tools
  • Linkvendor Domain Age Tool

Check Pagerank Tool

The seo tools will check for the pagerank of your website, page and the genuine of your pagerank. A false pagerank can be achieved for a domain when cloaking a high pagerank website and these tools check if your pagerank is valid. They might show the domain age and if the top domain extensions (.com, .net, .org) are still available.

  • Check Pagerank
  • PR Checker
  • Linkvendor Pagerank Analysis

SEO Meta tag analyzing tool

The SEO meta tag analyzing tools will check your page for the right use of the meta description and keyword tag to the content of your page. Both meta tags should have a minimum percentage of relevance to the page and a maximum words used.

  • SEO Centro meta tag analyze
  • Linkvendor Meta tag analyzer
  • Hypermart Meta tag analyzer

SEO Keyword density tool

Keyword density is very important for seo and these tools help giving an idea how much your density is for every word, not only keywords. Some tools might say which is the right density but this should not always be believed.

  • SEO Centro keyword density
  • Linkvendor keyword density
  • SEO Book keyword density